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  • Realize your vision with Agility

    High-Availability Web Applications: Benefit from a superior user experience and cutting-edge features, all within an evolving, eco-responsible, and secure web infrastructure.

    Mobile Applications: Strengthen your presence on mobile devices with our expertise in iOS and Android development, offering remarkable design and optimal performance.

    Business Applications: Turn your key processes into competitive advantages with custom business applications. An experienced and multidisciplinary team supports you from design to production delivery.

  • Accelerate your digital transformation

    Cloud-Native Solutions: Embrace flexibility and security with our Cloud-First solutions, backed by certified experts for optimal migration and design.

    API & Microservices: Transform and modernize your IT architecture with our API and microservices solutions for improved scalability and maintainability.

    Data Management and Optimization: Enhance your data with our expertise in architecture and security, driving innovation with optimized data.

  • Strategize, Optimize, Innovate

    Architecture Consulting: Enhance your IT with our expertise in solutions, applications, UI, and data architecture.

    360┬░ Technical Audit: Benefit from a comprehensive audit covering performance, security, SEO, accessibility, and organization, for better control of your solution.

    Discovery: Engage with the Discovery Discipline for a clear definition of your project's ambition and objectives, reducing risks with seven structured steps.

exFabrica methodology

Optimize the quality/price/time ratio of your project

  1. Discovery

    We start with you, on a sprint, the Product Discovery and the definition of the project ambition. Our Delivery Manager and our UX/UI Designers are here to help you refine your needs and understand your constraints. After this first sprint, this activity will continue throughout the project.

    Expected deliverables: Personas, Customer Journey, Design system, Sketch, Interactive prototype...

  2. Scoping sprint

    We want to deliver value as quickly as possible. To achieve this, our architects have to understand your constraints and requirements. Once we all agree on a target technical architecture, we set up the technical environments. Each solution piece must be ready for continuous integration, automated tests, automated quality checks and continuous deployment.

    Expected deliverables: Architecture documentation, implementation of environments, implementation of application layers, implementation of CI/CD, Definition of Done, Definition of NFR.

  3. Implementation sprints

    During these sprints, our team implements and delivers value. We apply SCRUM method. Each User Story has a deliverable. Once the US has the 'done' status, its deliverable is automatically deployed to the qualification environments. The goal is to accelerate the feedback loop to be production-ready as soon as as possible.

    Expected deliverables: more and more value on your environments and the documentation that goes with it.